SaaS v IBM !

Long gone are the days of the Big Ticket, On-Premise Hardware, Software and Service/Support Sale.

All these items were ‘bought’ out of Capital Expenditure or Revenue budgets and costs for some of the global players were in the millions of pounds. I recall selling a £2m Turnkey solution to a pharmaceutical company over 20 years ago !

IBM is believed to be scrapping 110,000 of its 430,000 workforce around the world as it is being restructured in ‘desperate’ attempt to revamp its business. It has struggled to move from manufacturing computers to Cloud Computing. (In the pharmaceutical and similarly regulated industries I prefer to use the phrase: ‘Validated Software as a Service (SaaS)’ rather than ‘Cloud Computing’).

It is suggested in the press that the company was preparing to merge its three main arms – hardware, software and support (services) – into a single operating business. It will break down the ‘Chinese walls’ between the divisions and reorganise staff.

This is because of the growing demand from businesses to use companies such as IBM as a ‘one-stop shop’ for technology needs. It is expected to restructure its entire global workforce – some 430,000 people – under a programme known as Project Chrome. IBM has struggled to shift from its traditional strength of making computers to offering IT services and information storage.

So what is a reason for the rumour of one of the potential biggest corporate lay-offs in history ?

A report by IDC in 2012 stated that there would be:

  • $7 billion decline in packaged software worldwide license revenue in 2010.
  • 2012: nearly 85% of net-new software firms were SaaS service.
  • 2014: SaaS will account for just over half of market revenue.

Why ?

  • Hardware is now faster, bigger, more powerful, virtual, shared and thus cheaper. It can be rented !
  • Software functionality has matured, is now readily available and works….no need to customize, support, maintain.
  • Services are minimal, maybe a little configuration, training, data migration, etc. but we are talking weeks, maybe months, not many man years !

ComplianceControl Centre is an Electronic Document and Quality Management System, that can be up and running in less than 1 hour. It is a Software as a Service and can be formally Validated for regulated industries and up and running in a maximum of 5 days !

Due to our UK Technology Strategy Board funding we are well positioned in this new technological market place. The IBM news has confirmed we are on the right strategy !

Impact of Cloud Computing on Enterprise IT Spending

Visiting Eight Countries In Two Hours

Compliance Control spoke with representatives from eight countries, at the Asia Pacific Life Sciences Clinic hosted by UK Trade and Investment at the De Vere Whites Hotel, Macron Stadium, Bolton on the 1st December.

The event gave a great insight into the market conditions and regulations of countries in the Asia Pacific region. Compliance Control discussed about the opportunities that existed to expand into new markets abroad.

The UKTI specialists agreed to introduce Compliance Control’s Electronic Quality Management System (EQMS) ComplianceControl Centre, to IT and quality professionals in their home countries.

The event had a global feel to it, with UKTI specialists and industry experts from Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, China and Australia all present.

Compliance Control attended the UKTI event held in Chester on the 12th November earlier this year. This event has a focus on UK companies expanding into American markets.

ComplianceControl Centre has a global appeal for SME’s worldwide that comply with ISO, MHRA, FDA and CE mark standards and regulations.

The team at Compliance Control would like to thank the team at the UKTI for hosting the event, and highly recommend businesses looking to grow their business overseas to attend the next clinic in the new year.

How will compliance with ISO 27001 help my business?

ComplianceControl Centre is hosted in an ISO27001 compliant data centre. Data is one of the most valuable assets any business has today.  Our dependence on information systems and services means organisations are more vulnerable to security threats than ever before.

Keeping your data secure – whether its customer, staff or supplier data – is critical in most businesses, but most especially those dealing with sensitive data. At the most basic level ISO27001 gives your clients and customers the confidence to trust your organisation with the safe keeping of their data.  It demonstrates corporate due diligence and shows compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements regarding data security, privacy and IT governance.  Regular audits of the data centre by Compliance Control Consultants, ensures that ComplianceControl Centre supports your organisation in continuing to meet its obligations regarding data security, and can help give your customers and suppliers the necessary level of confidence.